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Warrior of Light
Final Fantasy

Voice Actor

Toshihiko Seki (Japanese) / Grant George (English)


All-around Fighter (Japanese) / Paragon (English)

  • Crushes enemies with deft, balanced sword techniques.

A warrior highly skilled in the art of the sword. He also excels in using his shield both defensively and offensively. In the original title, after rescuing Sarah, the princess of Cornelia, from Garland, he, along with three other light warriors, departed on a journey to save the world from being completely destroyed by the forces of Chaos.

How to unlockEdit

As a hero for Cosmos, Warrior of Light is unlocked from the beginning, and also serves as your guide through tutorial.


Warrior of Light's appearance is based on Amano's concept of the Warrior character in the original game. He appears as a young man with fair skin and long, unkempt white hair. He is adorned in blue knight armor complete with a cape. His distinguishing feature, like many armor-clad characters is his helmet which features a pair of very long horns facing upward.

Alternate lookEdit

  • Amethyst Armor - Warrior of Light changes color schemes for red
    Warrior Of Light Alt Costumes
    Warrior Of Light Alt Costumes
    Anima007Added by Anima007
    armor, almost resembling the Fighter class sprite from the original Final Fantasy. In EX Mode, he gains vibrant red, silver and black hues.
  • Classic Red - A second alternate costume that changes his appearance entirely to resemble the Fighter sprite from the original game, now featuring lighter, red-colored armor and short red hair. In EX Mode, he gains a slightly more muscular build and his hair is swept back, becoming the Knight class from the original game.
  • The Nameless Warrior - A free DLC costume can be purchased from the Playstation Network to feature WoL without his helmet, showing off his long, silvery hair also his sword appease to be cracked. His EX Mode appearance is the same as his default's EX Mode but with no helmet still.


Warrior of Light's style is described as a Paragon. As his concept suggests, the Warrior of Light is the basis of combat expertise, he has no specific strengths, but also no specific weakness. His attacks consist of combos using his sword and shield, as well as magic items for some long-range attacks. His HP attacks are wholly focused around his aptitude with the element of light, blinding the enemy with blessed energy blasts.

Bravery AttacksEdit

Japanese Name English Name French Name Level Type CP AP Notes
デイフラッシュ Day Flash Écair de jour Initial Ground 30->15 90 [Close] Quick horizontal slice. Low power, quick strike.

Additional Effect: wall rush

あかいきば Red Fang Crocs rouges Initial Ground 20->10 120 [Long] Shoot high-speed fireball towards opponent.
ソードスラスト Sword Thrust Coup d'épée 3 Ground 30->15 180 [Mid] Hurl shield, charge. Instantly close in on opponent.

Additional Effect: wall rush

あおいきば Blue Fang Crocs bleus 19 Ground 20->10 120 [Long] Chunks of ice slowly descend on opponent.
しろいきば White Fang Crocs blancs 24 Ground 20->10 120 [Long] Call down lightning bolts that slowly close in on foe.
ライズアップ Ascension Ascension 30 Ground 30->15 90 [Close] Throw shield to hurl opponent upward.

Effects: chase, wall rush

クロスオーバー Crossover Taillade croisée Initial Air 30->15 120 [Close] Spinning approach, thrust opponent upward.

Effects: chase, wall rush

コートバックラー Rising Buckler Targe montante 9 Air 30->15 120 Upward swing, snagging for with shield. Useful from below.

Effects: chase, wall rush

バウンスバックラー Shield Strike Targe tombante 13 Air 30->15 120 Downward attack, scooping foe with shield. Useful from above.

Effects: chase, wall rush

HP AttacksEdit

Japanese Name English Name French Name Level Type CP AP Notes
シャイニングウェーブ Shining Wave Vague Radieuse Initial Land 40->20 180 [Mid] Shoot pillars of light. Homes in on opponent. Passes through Objects, including Walls.
シールドオブライト(地上) Shield of Light (ground) Bouclier de lumière (au sol) 31 Land 40->20 180 [Close] Force blast from shield. Hurls for while blocking.

Effects: block, wall rush

シールドオブライト(空中) Shield of Light (midair) Bouclier de lumière (en l'air) Initial Air 40->20 180 [Close] Force blast from shield. Hurls for while blocking. Note: Both "Shield of Light" attacks can pass through walls, although their range is understandably limited.

Effects: block, wall rush

レディアントソード Radiant Sword Épée flamboyante 38 Air 40->20 180 [Long] Seal fires blade of light. Blades weakly track foe.

Additional Effect: wall rush

ルーンセイバー(地上) Rune Saber (ground) Sabre runique (au sol) Derived Land 40->20 300 Branching from Ascension

[Combo] Light beam pierces foe.

Additional Effect: wall rush

ルーンセイバー(空中) Rune Saber (midair) Sabre runique (en l'air) Derived Air 40->20 300 Branching from Crossover

[Combo] Light beam pierces foe.

Additional Effect: wall rush

エンドオールA Bitter End A Éradication A Derived Air 40->20 300 Branching from Rising Buckler

[Combo] Deft bladework.

Additional Effect: wall rush

エンドオールB Bitter End B Éradication B Derived Air 40->20 300 Branching from Shield Strike

[Combo] Deft bladework.

Additional Effect: wall rush

EX ModeEdit

DerekoeAdded by Derekoe

Class Change - Warrior of Light changes classes from Fighter to Knight

EX BurstEdit

Oversoul - A sharp, repeated strike like a flash of light. Each directional button corresponds to one attack.

EX EffectsEdit

  • Regen - Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
  • Mirror Attack - [Active while attacking] A wall of light appears while attacking, repelling weak magical attacks.
  • Protect - [Always active while in EX Mode] An aura of light covers the body, raising defense. Note: Though it cannot show up in stats, defense +10.
  • Light's Blessing - [Activates when combo hits] A sword of light appears, dealing additional damage.


The Warrior of Light can wield Swords, Great Swords, Shields, Axes, Gloves, Helmets, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Japanese Name English Name Level Stats Notes
フレイムソード Flame Sword 50 ATK +56 Defense +5%
ブレイブハート Braveheart 92 ATK +63 Defense +10%
バーバリアンソード Barbarian's Sword 100 ATK +68 Defense +15%

Minor Counterattack Effect


Normal: Amano's artwork design.

Normal EX Mode: Class Change (Knight).

Alternate: Alternate Amano design - Colour scheme becomes red rather than blue.

Alternate EX Mode: Alternate Amano design - Colour scheme becomes red rather than blue.


  • His Level 100 Exclusive Weapon, the Barbarian's Sword, surpasses even the Ultima Weapon in the 20th Anniversary edition of Final Fantasy.
  • Unlike Onion Knight and Bartz, whose design is a fusion of their sprite with the Amano art from them, Warrior of Light is fully based on Amano's vision of him, while his alternative form is just a palette swap to fit the alternate art from the warrior himself.
  • Though its most likely coincidence, most of Warrior of Light battle quotes are similar to Riku from Kingdom Hearts series, (though some of them change the theme of Darkness for Light) mostly:
- "Get ready!"
          - "Give me strength!"
          - "Take this!"
          - "You're finished!"
          - "Light... Give me strength!"
  • A running gag among fans stems from Warrior of Light's static expressions as he never displays any facial expressions aside from stoic and composed.
  • The sixth and final command for Oversoul will always be the left directional button. In Dissidia 012 it was changed so it is now random.
  • His final Bravery to HP Attack 'Bitter End' is probably named after Roxy Music's final track 'Bitters End' from the band's debut self-titled album.

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