Vaan was a recently announced character to appear in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. As the second
Vaan (Dissidia 012)
representative of Final Fantasy XII, he takes Shantotto's place as Gabranth's heroic counterpart.


Vaan's appearance seems to be a slight composite of his original appearances from Final Fantasy XII and Revenant Wings. He appears as a teenager with a slim, but slightly muscular build, blue eyes and short blond hair with a distinct fringe, the appearance completed with dirt fading his skin a little. He wears a small, open shirt, exposing his chest and a rather large pendant, a red and yellow sash around his waist with jewel-encrusted metal plates attached, armored gauntlets and grieves and black pants


Vaan's battle concept is Adroit Attacker. Like Bartz and Firion, Vaan utilizes multiple weapons in battle. Unlike them however, Vaan uses these weapons as if they were separate fighting styles. Vaan comes equipped with a double handed sword, a sword and shield, a rifle, a spear, crossbow, a katana and a staff. Vaan can switch between these on the fly when attacking and when he does so, the attack power is doubled. His HP attacks leave him barehanded, using his Concurrences from the original game.

EX ModeEdit

  • License Complete - Vaan's weapons turn into their ultimate forms

EX EffectEdit

Vaan's weapons gain a power boost and he can put away his weapons without needing to attack first.


  • Awakening - Very similar to Gabranth's own EX-Burst, the player must press R, cycling through attacks and pressing X to get the right one. Each successful attack leads into another, starting from Red Spiral, to White Whorl and finally, Pyroclasm, ending in the final attack "Luminescence".
Introduced in Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)
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