Ultimecia Castle

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Ultimecia Castle is an arena in Dissidia Final Fantasy. It is the representative arena of Final Fantasy VIII. It consist of several floors, making it a high arena perfect for aerial combat. In the center a spiral walkway crawls up to a balcony at the top. If the walkways wooden planks are stood on for more than a moment, they will break, although you can Route Grind on its railings. Portions on the balcony at the top of the stage can also be destroyed.

In the Dynamic version, the stage undergoes "Time Compression" at set intervals. During "Time Compression," all stage destruction is fixed. Additionally, the gears on the stage's mid level begin to spin rapidly, dealing % based damage to characters that come in contact with them. During "Time Compression," the Brave Pool constantly randomizes, meaning a break during this effect can yield anywhere from 1 to 9999 bonus BP.

Ultimecia Castle is also unique in that it is the only stage in the game which features a brave trap on the ceiling.

The dynamic version can be bought at the PP store under the system section after beating Shade Impulse.

Etymology Edit

In Final Fantasy VIII Ultimecia Castle is the final dungeon of the game. Squall Leonhart and the party travel here to defeat Ultimecia and put an end to her Time Compression-fueled tyranny.