Guidelines to Tornado Tossing Edit

In order to try this tactic, you will need the following:

  • Unlock Shantotto so that she is playable.

Unlike other character strategies, Shantotto and Tornado Tossing requires nothing more than just having Shantotto, although here are a few things I can recommend:

  • Decide the purpose of your Shantotto, whether to farm Duel Colosseum or farm Ghost Equipment. Equip the appropriate gear to your needs. (Note: I do not recommend using this strategy competitively on multiplayer modes, i.e. vs. humans)
  • Max slots for accessories does help, however is not necessary.
  • Change the button assignment of Tornado to Square, if you don't have translations, see Shantotto. This will aid in preventing accidental ancient magic casting.
  • Recommended Abilities:
    • EX-Mode Critical Rate Up: This is the best ability you can have, considering the majority of the time, you will be in EX-Mode exploiting Manafont, if you so choose.
      • If you are not using an EX-mode Build, I recommend using Counter-Attack Ability, or
    • Keep your default abilities, meaning the abilities that you keep on the majority of your characters, including Air Dash (Reverse, Forward, or Free) Guard, Evasion, and Lock-Ons.
    • Counter-Abilities (ones unlocked after mastering certain Extra Abilities) are not necessary, because opponents usually do not last long enough for it to make a difference.

What to Wear, What Not to Wear. . . Edit

Keep in mind your build for Shantotto, try to follow these guidelines.

Luck Equipment:

  • Feel free to equip every LUCK+ ring you have to increase drop rates. Keep in mind there are +10 and +8 luck rings (See Accessory).
  • Multipliers are not necessary, nor is any EX gear.
  • Equip the best equipment you can for your level.
    • Recommended: Level 100, Use Nirvana/Claustrum and Snow,Moon and Flowers Gear.

EX-Mode Equipment:

  • This is my build: You may or may not want to reproduce the same equipment:
    • Weapon: Claustrum (lv. 100, Legendary Weapon, EX-Mode Duration +40%, Starting Brave +20%)
    • Armor: Snow, Moon, and Flowers Set 3/3.
    • Accessories
      • Multiplier Accessories:
        • Player Has Not Used Summon x1.5(Required: Summon is equipped and unused)
        • Big HP Gap x1.5 (Required: Difference in HP between player and opponent is 2000 or more)
        • Level 100 x1.2 (Required: Player is level 100)
        • EX-Mode x1.3 (Required: Player is in EX-Mode)
        • HP 100% x1.5 (Required: Player's HP is full)
        • Level Factor of 4 x1.2 (Required: Player's level is divisible by 4)
        • Level Factor of 5 x1.2 (Required: Player's level is divisible by 5)
      • Support Accessories:
        • Center of the World: (EX Force Absorption Range +3m, EX-Force Absorption Amount +20%, EX-Core Absorption Amount +20%)
      • Standard Accessories:
        • Pearl Necklace: (EX-Force Absorption Amount +50%)
        • Golden Hourglass: (EX-Mode Duration +20%)