Throwing / Thrown Weapon is equippable by Firion, Onion Knight, Bartz Klauser, Squall Leonhart and Zidane Tribal. Other characters can only use a Thrown Weapon if they trade a Ninja Lore Accessory and pay 1000 gil to the Shop to learn Use Thrown Weapons, and equip it.

Thrown Weapons specialize in adding EX Force Absorption, changing the percentage done from 10% upwards to 30%. The downside of Thrown Weapons is BRV reduction.

The Japanese letters to recognize a Thrown Weapon are 投てき.

Thrown (投てき)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
十字手裏剣 Juji Shuriken BRV-15


15 Shop 3,700 gil

ブーメラン Boomerang BRV-17


22 Shop 6,050 gil

チャクラム Chakram BRV-17


22 Trade Boomerang (ブーメラン) ×1

Large Fang (大牙) ×1

6,050 gil

EX Force Absorption+10%

風車 Pinwheel BRV-19


29 Shop 8,400 gil

あいのフライパン Frying Pan of Love BRV-19


29 Duel Colosseum Flavor of Life (1/4) Airship Course

円月輪 Moonring Blade BRV-24


43 Shop 13,100 gil

ライジングサン Rising Sun BRV-28


57 Trade Pinwheel (風車) ×1

Throat Wolf Fang (餓狼の牙) ×1

Chimera Fang (キマイラの牙) ×2

17,810 gil

EX Force Absorption+15%

風魔手裏剣 Fuma Shuriken BRV-36


85 Trade Rising Sun (ライジングサン) ×1

Holy Fang (聖なる牙) ×4

Red Gem (レッドジェム) ×1

27,220 gil

EX Force Absorption+20% Red Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

Star of Lufenia BRV-40


99 Duel Colosseum N/A Wisdom of Lufenia (1/3) Blackjack Course

包丁 Cleaver BRV-40


99 Trade Fuma Shuriken (風魔手裏剣) x1

Beastlord Fang (獣王の牙) x5

31,920 gil

EX Force Absorption+30%