Staff is a weapon that can be equipped by Firion, The Emperor, Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness, Bartz Klauser, Exdeath, Terra Branford, Kefka Palazzo, Ultimecia, Kuja, and Shantotto. Other characters can only use a Staff if they trade White Mage Lore and pay 1000 gil to the Shop to learn Equip Staves, and equip it.

Staves specialize in adding EX Mode Duration, changing the percentage done from 10% upwards to 40%. Staves also add BRV.

The Japanese letter to recognize a Staff is .

Staves (杖)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
Staff BRV+11


1 Shop 1,000 gil

魔術の杖 Mage's Staff BRV+11


1 Trade Staff (杖) ×1

Amplification Shard(増幅の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×2

1,000 gil

EX Mode Duration+20%

オークスタッフ Oak Staff BRV+13


8 Shop 2,000 gil

いやしの杖 Healing Staff BRV+15


15 Shop 3,700 gil

Flamescepter BRV+15


15 Trade Staff x1

Amplification Shard x1

Transmogridust x4

3,700 gil

EX Mode Duration+10%

力の杖 Power Staff BRV+17


22 Trade Staff (杖) ×1

Strength Powder (力の粉) ×3

6,050 gil

EX Mode Duration+10%

ゴールドスタッフ Golden Staff BRV+22


36 Trade Oak Staff (オークスタッフ) ×1

Gold (ゴールド) ×1

10,750 gil

Glorious Gold (1/3)

ゴールドスタッフ+ Golden Staff + BRV+22


22 Trade Golden Staff (ゴールドスタッフ) ×1

Splinter (木片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×3

10,750 gil

Glorious Gold (1/3)

長老の杖 Elder Staff BRV+22


36 Trade Mage's Staff (魔術の杖) x1

Lumber (木材) x1

10,750 gil

EX Mode Duration+10%

ルーンの杖 Rune Staff BRV+26


50 Trade Healing Staff (いやしの杖) ×1

Thorny Lumber (トゲトゲの木材) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×1

15,460 gil

EX Mode Duration+10%

裁きの杖 Judicer's Staff BRV+28


57 Trade Flamescepter (もえる杖) ×1

Mistletoe (苗木) ×1

Quality Lumber (良質の木材) ×2

17,810 gil

EX Mode Duration+20%

賢者の杖 Staff of the Magi BRV+32


71 Trade Rune Staff (ルーンの杖) ×1

Spiritwood (霊樹) ×1

White Gem (ホワイトジェム) ×1

22,510 gil

EX Mode Duration+20% White Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

Eight-fluted Pole BRV+34


78 Shop 32,310 gil

光の杖 Staff of Light BRV+34


78 Trade Snowscepter (こおる杖) ×1

Dragonwood (竜木) ×3

Luck Shard (幸運の破片) ×1

24,860 gil

EX Mode Duration+20%

メイスオブゼウス Zeus Mace BRV+38


92 Trade Staff of the Magi (賢者の杖) ×1

Revival Tree (反魂樹) ×5

Green Gem (グリーンジェム) ×1

29,570 gil

EX Mode Duration+30% Green Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

ニルヴァーナ Nirvana BRV+40


99 Trade Staff of Light (光の杖) ×1

Iifa Tree (イーファの樹) ×5

31,920 gil

EX Mode Duration+40%

Fire Book BRV+40


99 Minwu's Friend card N/A Regen+75%
Lufenian Staff BRV+40


99+ Duel Colosseum Wisdom of Lufenia(1/3) Blackjack Course

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