Sephiroth artwork
Final Fantasy VII

Voice Actor

Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese) / George Newburn (English)


Blade Master (Japanese) / Focused Blade (English)

A legendary SOLDIER operative who wields an impossibly long blade with great ease. In battle, he combines that reach with incredibly swift swordplay that crushes the opponent in the blink of an eye. In the original game, he was Cloud's nemesis; a former member of SOLDIER with unparalleled strength. After learning he was created in an experiment called the Jenova Project, Sephiroth plotted to become a god by unleashing upon the planet the ultimate spell, Meteor, so he could absorb massive amounts of the world's life energy.

How to Unlock Edit

In the Japanese version, purchase Sephiroth for 500PP from the PP Catalog. In the US version, Sephiroth is available from the beginning only in Arcade Mode. Acquiring him for all other gameplay modes is the same as that in the Japanese version. To access his alternate attire after unlocking him, buy it for 300PP.


Sephiroth's design is a mixture of Amano's original concept art of the character and Nomura's refinements to him. He appears as a man who has fair skin and long, flowing silver hair. He wears a black coat with a lavender sash shown at his left, and a black shirt along with black pants and boots.

Alternate appearanceEdit

  • Executioner - Sephiroth's first alternate costume strips him of his coat, mirroring his appearance in the scripted final battle against Cloud in Final Fantasy VII, showing off his upper muscular build. In EX Mode, his wing gets a faint blue hue.
  • Custom Coat - In Dissidia 012, Sephiroth gains a second costume which depicts him in his original appearance from Final Fantasy VII, removing the elaborate beads and sashes for a more simplified look. His bangs are altered so that they arc from the top and stand at an uneven height to mirror his original appearance. In his EX Mode appearance, his wing has a noticeable transparency, as if to appear shadowy, resembling one of his CGI renders from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
  • Kingdom Hearts Gear - A DLC costume which can be purchased from the Playstation Store, based on his Kingdom Hearts appearance, much like Cloud and Squall as they appeared in the first game in the series His coat is redesigned for a more darker/demonic flare and his hair is noticeably longer with a wider, more flowing mane. Like in the previous EX Modes, he gains a wing, albeit larger and stylized to resemble a demon with blue hues, which is where the one-winged angel basis for the Jenova subjects originated from.


Sephiroth's battle concept is Focused Blade. As his concept suggests, Sephiroth is a master of his signature katana, the Masamune. This weapon has a very long blade, giving Sephiroth great melee range which he can use to his advantage. By landing one attack on the opponent, Sephiroth then unleashes a flurry of slices faster than the eye can see, dealing massive amounts of BRV damage in a short span, and easily catching his opponents off guard. Most of his attacks revolve around single button presses and pauses inbetween attacks to fully maximize their potential as they deal multiple hits in rapid succession. In addition, he is able to perform lengthy combo attacks by dodge canceling many of his moves, making his bravery game quite good. However, he suffers from an inability to link brave attacks to HPs, and while his HPs work well in general area around him, many of them are very obvious, often making it hard to get the final hit he needs to win. Thus despite having a long reach, Sephiroth keeps up a better fight if he stays close to his opponent.

Brave Attacks Edit

Move Type CP AP for Mastery Obtained Description
"Mow Down"
Ground 30(15) 120 Initial Attack the opponent with three sword swings that hit multiple times.
"Shadow Flare"
"Shadow Flare"
Ground 30(15) 120 Initial Summon orbs of dark energy that surround the opponent and converge upon them.
"Fervent Blow"
"Reduced Earth" (Shukuchi is a Japanese-language term for various techniques of rapid movement.)
Ground 30(15) 120 ~Level 30 Swing sword and fire multiple blades of energy. If they hit the opponent, lunge forward and knock them away.
"Sudden Cruelty"
"Iai Cut"
Aerial 30(15) 180 Initial Two-hit aerial combo that knocks the opponent away.
"Empty Space" (Kokū in Japanese actually means void, empty space, and nothingness
Aerial 30(15) 180 Level 5 Close in and slash through the opponent, dealing multiple hits in your wake.
神速 "Godspeed / Shinsoku"
Aerial 30(15) 180 Level 19 Swing sword and fire multiple blades of energy. If they hit the opponent, lunge forward and knock them downward.
"Shadow Flare"
シャドウフレア "Shadow Flare"
Aerial 30(15) 180 Level 28 Summon orbs of dark energy that surround the opponent and converge upon them.

HP Attacks Edit

Move Type CP AP for Mastery Obtained Description
"Flashing Eight Swords (Ground)"
Ground 40(20) 300 Initial Quickly charge forward and slash the opponent 8 times in rapid succession.
"Glint (Ground)"
Ground 40(20) 300 Level 10 Guard attacks, then thrust forward with sword to stun and damage the opponent before slashing them away.
Hell's Gate
"Prison Gate" (Gokumon is a type of punishment used in Japan during the Edo Period)
Aerial 40(20) 300 Initial Rise into the air swinging sword, then dive to the ground to stab the opponent and drive them downward. If stopped in mid-air, unleash a circular wave of energy around you. If on contact with the ground, unleash a fissure of stone spikes that has a high reach into the air.
"Flashing Eight Swords (Air)"
Aerial 40(20) 300 Level 37 Quickly charge forward and slash the opponent 8 times in rapid succession.
Black Materia
"Black Materia"
Ground 40(20) 300 Level 51

Summon a meteor to attack the opponent. Has three different charge phases: the first is when you fire a small meteor at enemy. The second phase (glowing purple), same thing but faster. And the last phase (glowing purple with lighting) fire a giant meteor that appears directly above the opponent, and if hits, it will drag the opponent with it to the ground and cause a huge radius explosion.

Heaven's Light
"Amaterasu" (Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess)
Aerial 40(20) 300 Level 38 A very powerful lunging uppercut slash. 
"Glint (Air)"
Aerial 40(20) 300 Level 28

Ex-Mode Edit

Dissidia Sephiroth ex

Reunion - Sephiroth sprouts his infamous black wing first seen in the Kingdom Hearts series, and later in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Ex-Burst Edit

Super Nova - A blast of such despair that it can send destruction even into other dimensions. Repeatedly press O to raise the gauge.

Ex-Bonus Edit

  • Regen - Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
  • Glide - Hold the X button while airborne to glide (will slowly decend)
  • Heartless Angel - Hold R+Square to drop the opponent's BRV to 1. The player can move about to dodge any attempts to stop the charge but will stop dead in place when he is about to blast the opponent. Heartless Angel still reduces the opponent's bravery to 1 even under the effects of Summon Stones that guard Bravery, including the variations caused by Chaos' Shinryu. This attack requires around 5 seconds to execute, leaving you completely open to attacks during this time. However, the charging can stop any time you release the Square button.

Equipment Edit

Sephiroth wields Katanas and Polearms for weapons, and for protection he wears Helmets, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Shields, Gloves

Exclusive Weapons Edit

Name Level Stats Effects
Masamune Blade
53 ATK +37 Damage+5%
95 ATK +64 Damage+10%
One Winged Angel
100 ATK +69 Damage+15%

Minor Sneak Attack Effect

See also Edit

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