Quick Play

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From Start

In Quick Play ( Quick Battle ) you can play only against the CPU. This is an area where you may set up battles and gain Gil, AP, EXP, PP. You can increase the number of selectable opponents by unlocking them from the PP Catalog. This is only with regards to Quick Battles. Quick Battle is the fourth option in the Main Menu.

Battle SetupEdit

The Battle Setup screen can be reached by selecting Quick Battle or Communications Mode from the main menu. Note that in Communications Mode you cannot select witch character you will use as opponent.

Quick BattleEdit

Here is what you may change in a Quick Battle :

  • Strength ( CPU ) : You can set the strength on your opponent as :
    • Minimal
    • Very Low
    • Low ( Actions )
    • Low ( Equipment )
    • Average
    • High ( Equipment )
    • High ( Actions )
    • Very High
    • Maximum
  • Level ( CPU ) : Set to Auto, the level will adjust according to the selected CPU Strength. Your opponent's level cannot be set higher than your own. This level limit can be removed in the PP Catalog ( System ).
  • Behavior ( CPU ) : Tactical styles
    • Tactician
    • Valiant
    • Survivor
    • Cautious
    • Calm
    • Extreme
    • Conservative
    • Vicious
    • Random

Communications ModeEdit

Online players and offline ghost opponents have characters ( signified by friend cards ) set in advance. You cannot customize them as in Quick Battle.

  • Stage : Same as in Quick Battle
  • Handicap : This is only available in online battles. Each player's approximate level is displayed at the bottom of the screen. When a fight is set to be evenly matched EVEN displays in the middle of the screen.
  • You cannot set your level higher than it really is. To fight evenly with an opponent of a higher level, your opponenet will have to fight with a handicap.


When there is a difference in level between opponents, the player with the higher level will receive a ( BRV up ) bravery bonus. The higher the number, the larger the bonus.

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