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Prishe dissidia012

Prishe artwork by Tetsuya Nomura

Prishe is a new character being introduced in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, representing Final Fantasy XI alongside Shantotto. She is a hand-to-hand fighter who also utilizes magic, and is the third hand-to-hand fighter in the game after Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII and Jecht from Final Fantasy X.


Prishe's appearance is taken directly from her in-game model from FFXI. She appears as a young Elvaan with dark skin, long, lavender hair and blue eyes. She wears a black jacket with a red tie attached to a dark jewel she adorns on her chest and lavender sleeves. Underneath is an armored skirt and matching shorts. The outfit is complete with near knee-length black socks and brown and white boots. On top of her head is a black and gold crown.

Alternate appearancesEdit

  • Custom Corsage+ - Recolors her primary outfit to feature blue, white, and generally lighter hues.
  • Magna Top - Based on the Magna Top and Magna Shorts outfit from an event in Final Fantasy XI. She adorns a blue bikini-like top, fingerless gloves and sandals, but she retains her shorts.


Prishe is described as a Combo Blitzer. In battle, she uses a rather unique combination of both Monk and White Mage skills, assaulting enemies with fisticuffs before blasting them away with magic spells. Like Onion Knight, Prishe has incredible customization with her Brave attacks. However, her combo attacks are completely customizable, able to choose which three attacks are used in sequence. When the final strike lands, she ends the attack in a unique spell attack, through Skillchains. Her HP attacks are fast and have good tracking ability, but are primarily melee in nature.

EX ModeEdit

  • Two Hour Ability - Prishe adorns the metal knuckle weapons called Destroyers

EX EffectsEdit

  • Regen - Recovers HP over time
  • Hundred Fists - Gains the ability to further extend her combos through "Double Spellchains"

EX BurstEdit

  • The Five Lights - Prishe starts off by punching the target a few times then breaking into the EX tunnel with a burst of light. A light circular formation bound by five lights then descend to surround the opponent. The user must then press X, O, Triangle and Square in a clock-wise fashion with the last one always being the first button pressed. Whichever button is first however, is random, but the sequence must always be clockwise. When done, Prishe shoots a light bullet that sticks to the opponent and then dashes over to the next, repeating this four times. Afterwards, she brandishes a large piece of magicite and then tosses it at the opponent where it explodes a couple of seconds later.

How to Unlock Edit

Introduced in Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)
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