The Play Plan is set within the Character Customization screen and allows you to decide what kind of gifts you want to receive from the chocobo you see in the Customization screen. After a certain number of battles, you will be rewarded with different items. The available Play Plans are:

  • Casual (すこしだけ遊ぶ): get Exp bonuses at a high rate: 1x Chocobo Down is obtained every 15 battles
  • Average (ほどよく遊ぶ): get Exp bonuses at a normal rate: 1x Chocobo Wing is obtained every 30 battles
  • Hardcore (とことん遊ぶ): get Exp bonuses at a low rate: 1x Chocobo Feather is obtained every 60 battles
  • Grind-lover, just earn experience (とにかく経験値をかせぐ) ( bought via PP Catalog after you win all Destiny Odysseys ): get random exp bonuses; no bonus items are obtained
  • Treasure Hunter, just gather treasure (とにかく宝箱をあつめる) (bought via PP Catalog after you win all Destiny Odysseys ): after some battles one random bonus item between Chocobo Down, Chocobo Feather and Chocobo Wing, is obtained

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