Map Action Cursor

The Map Cursor appears when near an interactive subject

On the battlefields of Dissidia, movement around the environment can be achieved much easier through the use of Map Actions. To perform different actions, simply press the Triangle button when the gold Map Cursor is displayed throughout the arena.

All Map Actions can be interrupted by any other action, be it a guard, dodge, attack, or even a simple jump. Keep in mind though, that Map Actions count as aerial movements, so any attacks launched from them will be aerial techniques.

Cloud Vert Run

Cloud performing a Wall Run

Wall Run Edit

When near a wall (or other vertical surface), interaction causes the character to run up the wall indefinitely until they meet an obstacle. A player can alter the character's vertical movement by tilting the thumbstick in a desired direction.

Any visible, vertical structure can usually be interacted with.

Tidus Route Grind

Tidus performing a Grind

Grind Edit

When near a railing (or other thin, pipe-like structure), interaction causes the character to grind along the structure in the direction of the cursor. It's also possible to change the character's heading by tilting the thumbstick in the opposite direction.

Other grind-able objects include the Northern Crater's Lifestream strands (and its look-alikes) and the Moon Valley's rocky grooves.

Cloud Gap Leap

Cloud performing a Flying Leap

Flying Leap Edit

When at the edge of a gap, interaction causes the character to make a quick, perfectly calculated leap from one end to the other, even over great distances. It is not possible to change direction or orientation mid-leap, however.

This is one of the greatest ways to travel across open air, usually when racing to an Ex-Core, or even just to put some space between your character and the opponent.

While many players may not think about it, using Map Actions when given the opportunity can give you the upper hand. By using a Grind or Wall Run to reach a desired location (or close enough to it), you can save precious midair jumps until they are absolutely needed. Likewise, interacting with the environment can also reset your midair jump count, allowing you to stay aloft.