Machine is an equipment that falls under a lot of categories. It is a set, meaning that there is one Machine equippable as a weapon, for the hand, the head, and the body, but it has no Set Effects. It is equippable by all if they trade Chemist Lore and pay 1000 Gil to the Shop to learn Use Machines, and equip it.

Each Machine specializes in adding Wall Rush BRV Damage, Wall Rush HP Damage, Chase BRV Damage, and Physical Damage. The downside of Machines is HP-307 (except Auto Crossbow) and Accessory Breakability+5%.

To unlock the Machine set for the shop, simply get the Mallet as the 0 DP reward in Inward Chaos. Once you have obtained it the first time, you can get more by battlegen/Battle Rise in Ultimecia's Castle,

The Japanese letters to recognize a Machine is 機械.

Machine (機械)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
マシンガン Machine Gun HP-307



96 Trade Mallet (とんかち) x1

Supreme Gem (至高の魔石) x5

31,920 Gil

Accessory Breakability+5%

Wall Rush BRV Damage+30%


かいてんのこぎり Chainsaw HP-307



96 Trade Mallet (とんかち) ×1

Eden's Scales (エデンのウロコ) ×5

31,920 Gil

Accessory Breakability+5%

Wall Rush HP Damage+20%


ドリル Drill HP-307


96 Trade Mallet (とんかち) ×1

Behemoth Horn (ベヒーモスの角) ×5

15,960 Gil

Accessory Breakability+5%

Chase BRV Damage+30%


オートボーガン Auto Crossbow HP+2666


96 Trade Mallet (とんかち) ×1

Hero's Bone (英雄の骨) ×5

23,940 Gil

Accessory Breakability+5%

Physical Damage+15%


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