Job cards are used in the Duel Colosseum.

Active/Instant-effect Cards Edit

Monk: The next Battle Card Enemy will become the weakest. This affects the entire set that follows.

Dragoon: Discard a card at the selection area. Dragoon card will appear again from the first of the list. This overrides the card in the original position. If you have only one card selection space, then this card does nothing.

Summoner: Force cards on the next hand to be all Treasure or Job cards. (In US ver., any Treasure cards in the hand only cost half the medals. Unsure about JP ver.).

Samurai: Remove all boss cards from the selection area. (This includes Chaos in US ver. Unsure about JP ver.)

Mime: Becomes a random Job Card.

Passive Cards Edit

Blue Mage: Increases the appearance rate of Job cards.

White Mage: Restore all HP after battle.

Black Mage: Increases the appearance rate of rare Battle cards.

Red Mage: Cards at the selection area will not be discarded. This May Cause all treasure Chests to be Free; This has not been confirmed as something that Always happens. (As far as I have been able to tell, in the American ver. is when the items become free, whereas I've yet to witness the Japanese ver. to have free items from Red Mage. This does not affect the first effect.)

Time Mage: Increases card Luck by 1. (by 5 in the American Ver.)

Thief:: Increases the appearance rate of Treasure cards.

Knight: Increases card selection area by 1. Effect will be lost after losing a battle. (Can effectively be used to "nullify" a loss in terms of losing selection area space. If two or more Knight cards are in effect when a battle is lost, only the earliest Knight card will lose its effect.)

Mystic Knight: Card Luck becomes easier to raise.

Ninja: Losing a battle will not cause the player to lose medals or Card Luck.

Ranger: Earn 5 more medals after each battle won.

Chemist: Deactivates all status effects. Status cards will also not show up.

Status Cards Edit

Imp: Cancels all effects from other Job cards (Chemist can override this card)

Mini: HP will not recover after battle. (White Mage can override this card)

Pig: Cuts current medals by half. (Also will decrease the medal reward of battles in the American ver.)

Toad: Treasure cards will not appear.