EX Guard is a unique but invaluable tactic that allows players with a full EX Gauge to effectively negate any and all opposing attacks. It is the defensive tactic of EX Mode activation.

When characters activate EX Mode, a visible flash of aura is released from their body, revealing their transformed state. This is not just for show; this aura, while being visible for a split second, has protective properties, and can be used to assist players who are in dire need.

The aura from the EX Mode's activation can reflect any forms of Brave and HP attacks, effectively canceling them out. If an opponent is performing a normally inescapable close-range combo on the player, the player can escape it an negate the attack by activating EX Mode. Not only will the attack be halted abruptly, but the opposing opponent will Stagger, leaving them open for attack.

This applies to all close-range Brave and HP attacks, from any character. EX Guarding against long-range Brave and HP attacks will not cause the opposing enemy to stagger, but will still cancel and banish the attack.

As an additional advantage, the character will still enter their EX Mode, with no repercussions. This means that Riposte and EX Critical Boost will be activated for a full string of critical hits.

As this tactic requires a full EX Gauge, players must plan ahead, and decide to use their EX Mode either offensively or defensively.

In Dissidia 012 EX Guard has been replaced with EX Revenge, which follows the same principle, but operates much differently.