Dissidia: Final Fantasy is an upcoming arcade title, being co-developed by Square Enix and Team Ninja. Unlike the previous installment which expanded upon the story, this game will be a reboot.


Details are currently scarce, but it has been stated that the fighting system has been remade from the ground-up though some mechanics seem to make a return. The newest addition is the new three-on-three combat system, allowing up to six players in teams to fight against one another. Another addition is the EX Skills, which serve as buffs and debuffs for allies and enemies, building on the party dynamic of the traditional Final Fantasy series. Summons are now expanded into have a physical presence on the battlefield as a fourth party member for the team while at the same time granting buffs to their party.

Confirmed CharactersEdit

All but eight playable characters from the original two games have been confirmed. The game is slated to have between 30 and 60 characters and will include not only characters from the mainline series, but also spinoffs as well:

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