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Destiny Odyssey I
Destiny Odyssey I Icon


After Completing Prologue


In this Story you will play though 5 chapters as Warrior of Light.


Destiny Odyssey I-1Edit

1 3 7 8
The stage is very straight-forward with no particularly strong enemies. The grouping of the enemies allows the player to fight several at once without spending excessive Destiny Points. The player begins the stage with three DP.

1. Starting Position
2. Battle piece (Imitation Liegeman)
3. Battle piece (False Hero)
4. Battle piece (Delusory Warlock)

5. Battle piece (Phantasmal Harlequin) - appears when 2 is defeated
6. [TC] Power Ring (B)
7. Locked area - opens when 5 is defeated
8. Chaos Piece (Garland)

Destiny Odyssey I-2Edit

"The firm convictions that lead one to battle...
Can one warrior understand the reasons that burn within another's heart?

7 12 14
1 4 8
2 5 11 16
3 6 9
10 13 15
The stage is has many locked areas, forcing the player to fight several enemies if they wish to acquire all the items on the stage. However, if the player focuses on reaching the Chaos Piece then they need not fight all the enemies present. Several variations of Battle Pieces appear here. The player begins with four DP.

1. Locked Area - two-star storyline completion bonus
2. Summonstone (Ifrit)
3. Locked Area - two-star storyline completion bonus
4. Locked Area - opens when 12 is defeated
5. Chaos Piece (Sephiroth)
6. Locked Area - opens when 11 is defeated
7. Potion
8. Locked Area - opens when 13 is defeated

9. Locked Area - opens when 14 is defeated
10. [TC] Bronze Armor
11. Battle Piece (Imitation Liegeman)
12. Strange Battle Piece (Counterfeit Youth)
13. Battle Piece (Capricious Reaper)
14. Hard Battle Piece (Ephemeral Phantom)
15. Battle Piece (Phantasmal Harlequin)
16. Starting position

Destiny Odyssey I-3Edit

"In search of hope, the warrior ventures further into the darkness. What lies in wait for him is..."

3 14 10
4 8
1 6 7 11 13
2 5 9 12
The stage is divided into two areas by the Chaos Piece in the center. Defeating the boss at the Chaos Piece opens the right portion of the stage where the Stigma of Chaos lies. The player begins with five DP.

1. Starting Area
2. Battle Piece (Fallacious Tree)
3. Battle Piece (Capricious Reaper) - appears when 4 is defeated
4. Hard Battle Piece (Delusory Warlock)
5. Summonstone (Ifrit (AUTO))
6. Locked Area - opens when 3 is defeated
7. Chaos Piece (Ultimecia)
8. Hard Battle Piece (Imaginary Champion)

9. Hard Battle Piece (Ephemeral Phantom)
10. [TC] - appears when 8 is defeated
11. Locked Area - opens when 9 is defeated
12. Ether
13. Stigma of Chaos
14. Ultimate Battle Piece (False Stalwart) - three-star storyline completion bonus
15. [TC] Rosemary - four-star storyline completion bonus

Destiny Odyssey I-4Edit

"Those whose hearts seek truth will never falter."

2 8 9 14
1 4 6 10
3 7 11 13
The stage has two new varieties of Battle Pieces, and several items to obtain. The player must open the Treasure Chest at 11 to pass to the far right area before they can unlock the Locked Area at 10. The player begins with five DP.

1. Starting Area
2. Hard Battle Piece (Transient Witch) - berserk
3. Battle Piece (Fallacious Tree)
4. [TC] Rosetta Stone
5. Potion - appears when 12 is defeated
6. Locked Area - two-star storyline completion bonus
7. Hard Battle Piece (Ephemeral Phantom)

8. Expert Battle Piece (Counterfeit Wraith)
9. [TC]
10. Locked Area - opens when 7 and 8 are defeated
11. [TC] 50 PP
12. Battle Piece (Phantasmal Harlequin)
13. Battle Piece (Capricious Reaper)
14. Chaos Piece (Emperor)

Destiny Odyssey I-5Edit

"Hearts bound by a solemn oath...
From the brilliance of his will, comes the crystal...

5 14
3 8
1 2 6 9 12
4 13 11
7 10
The stage appears simple at first glance, but defeating the Battle Pieces causes more to appear on the board, and the Treasure Chests in the stage are placed in a way that forces the player to fight enemies if they claim them. The player begins with four DP.

1. Chaos Piece (Garland)
2. Locked Area - opens when 4 or 13 is defeated
3. Battle Piece (Imaginary Champion) - appears when 5 is taken
4. Battle Piece (Transient Witch) - appears when 6 is defeated
5. [TC] On the Ground
6. Hard Battle Piece (Imitation Despot)
7. [TC] Guard Ring - appears when 11 is defeated

8. Battle Piece (Fallacious Tree) - appears when 5 is taken
9. Battle Piece (Delusory Warlock)
10. Potion - appears when 8 is defeated
11. Strange Battle Piece (Counterfeit Youth) - appears when 9 is defeated
12. Starting Area
13. Ultimate Battle Piece (False Hero) - three-star storyline completion bonus
14. [TC] Mythril - four-star storyline completion bonus

Story Dialog Edit

Horizontal lines seperate scenes

  • Scene opens on the WoL traveling as he remembers Cosmos' words.

Cosmos: "Please obtain them."

Cosmos: "Even though the world is broken, they haven't lost the brilliance of their light. The crystals."

WoL: Cosmos...

WoL: As per your wish, we will definitely

WoL: obtain the crystals. The hope of the world...

  • Garland approaches from off-screen,*

Garland: And where do you think you're off to?

WoL: Garland!

Garland: Do you intend to retreat from the battle?

WoL: I don't intend on retreating from anything.

Garland: Then let us begin it.

Garland: The moment of fate is nigh...

Garland: Why don't we just enjoy ourselves for now?

  • WoL and Garland begin their fight.*

  • Scene opens on WoL and Garland after their battle. Garland is kneeling on

the floor.*

Garland: You scoundrel, do you truly plan on saving this world?

WoL: That is our mission.

WoL: All hope has not yet been lost.

  • Garland lets out a sinister laugh.*

Garland: How foolish.

Garland: The hope that you desire is an illusion.

Garland: To pursue that is to run away from the truth. Even if you reach it, there is no way to seize it.

WoL: What?

Garland: You'll learn the truth of this battle eventually.

  • Garland begins fading.*

Garland: This world will betray you.

  • Garland disappears with a sinister laugh.*

WoL: No matter what this world really is...

WoL: The light is with me.

  • Scene opens on Sephiroth and an injured Frioniel facing each other. WoL

runs on screen.*

WoL: Frioniel!

  • WoL reaches them and steps in front of Frioniel.*

WoL: You did well. I'll take care of the rest.

Frioniel: But...!

WoL: Your friends are counting on you.

WoL: Please continue down your path to your crystal...

  • Frioniel hesitates, then nods and runs off.*

Sephiroth: A new challenger?

Sephiroth: Fighting me won't get you your crystal.

WoL: I'm well aware of that.

Sephiroth: Then why do you stand against me?

WoL: You hurt my friend.

Sephiroth: "I can't forgive you..." Is that what you're trying to say?

Sephiroth: Challenging me because of a momentary emotion...

  • WoL draws his sword.*

WoL: Let us begin. I want to settle this quickly.

  • Sephiroth draws his sword.*

Sephiroth: This could be entertaining.

  • WoL and Sephiroth begin their fight.*

  • Scene opens on WoL and Sephiroth after their battle.*

Sephiroth: Well done. However...

Sephiroth: Is the only one who can defeat me that guy after all?

WoL: What are you saying...?

Sephiroth: I have a query.

Sephiroth: Why do you wield a sword and fight?

WoL: To obtain the crystals and end the fighting.

Sephiroth: Fighting to stop the fighting...?

Sephiroth: How poetic.

Sephiroth: How long must the fighting pile up before we reach such a conclusion?

WoL: Though it is certainly far away, I will definitely reach it.

Sephiroth: No, you're wrong.

Sephiroth: There is no hope for the fighting to end.

Sephiroth: There are people like me who fight just for fun.

  • Sephiroth produces Frioniel's rose in his hand.*

WoL: "A wild rose?"

WoL: "That was Frioniel's..."

Sephiroth: You are just like me.

Sephiroth: An appropriate existence in this closed-off world.

WoL: Closed-off world?

Sephiroth: It's here.

Sephiroth: It seems the time for me to fulfill my promise to him has come.

  • Sephiroth teleports away.*

WoL: Did he run away?

WoL: "What does the enemy know about this world that I don't?"

WoL: "No. Even if I were to worry about it, there's nothing I can do."

WoL: "The only thing I can do now is to continue my search for the crystals."

  • Scene opens on WoL traveling. He stops in his tracks.*

WoL: Do you really think you're hidden?

WoL: I can see you plain as day like that.

  • Ultimecia appears with an impressed laugh.*

Ultimecia: As expected of the Warrior of Light.

WoL: Ultimecia...

Ultimecia: Where are you headed...? Could it be that...

Ultimecia: You're still searching for the crystals?

WoL: The crystals are our hope.

WoL: We have no intentions of stopping until we find them.

Ultimecia: How sad...

Ultimecia: Throwing your life away for Cosmos' fabrications.

Ultimecia: To sacrifice yourself for a thing like that is beyond stupid.

WoL: Are you done talking?

Ultimecia: What?

WoL: If you've finished your business, then feel free to take your leave.

WoL: This world doesn't have much time left.

WoL: And I don't have any to waste on you.

Ultimecia: That's quite a mouth you have, boy...

Ultimecia: Very well.

Ultimecia: Allow me to bring you back down to reality!

  • WoL and Ultimecia begin their fight.*

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