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Destiny Odyssey II


After Completing Prologue


In this Story you will play though 5 chapters as Firion.

Stage MapsEdit

Stage BonusesEdit

DP First Prize Second Prize
0 100 Gil 10 PP
1 200 Gil 20 PP
2 600 Gil 30 PP
3 1000 Gil 50 PP
4 Malboro 80 PP
5 Flame Lance 120 PP
6 Ice Lance 200 PP
7 Rosetta Stone 300 PP

Destiny Odyssey II - 1Edit

The unending Dream

Board Dialog

Firion: Of course, with the enemy so numerous, ending this conflict will be no easy feat...
Tidus: It doesn't matter how many there are. All we have to do is shoot for the goal!
Firion: You're right. Let us choose our course wisely.

(Upon taking a treasure chest)

Tidus: You're just gonna TAKE that?
Firion: What? It's free!
Tidus: That's what I like about you, Firion! So... what's the wild rose, huh?
Firion: Heh... I was just thinking about that myself.

3 End
Start 4 C
You start the Stage with 4 Destiny Points. Possible end 3 DP.

1. Imitation Liegeman Lv. 1. Battle Map : Order's Sanctuary
2. Ephemeral Vision Lv. 1. DP Chance : Win without taking damage. Reward : DP +1. Battle Map : Order's Sanctuary
3. False Hero Lv. 1. Battle Map : World of Darkness

4. Transient Lion Lv. 1. DP Chance : BRV Break within 10 sec. Reward : DP +1. Battle Map : World of Darkness
5. Fallacious Wanderer Lv. 2. Battle Map : Order's Sanctuary
C. Treasure Chest : Spear

Destiny Odyssey II - 2Edit

"Never abandon a dream. There is always a path so long as one doesn't give up."
Board Dialog
Firion: There are too many of them... Tidus, what do you say we split up?
Tidus: You bet! See you later!
Firion: There is something to be learned from how light he is on his feet...

Start 1 C
2 3 G S
P 4 L Boss
You start with 4 DP. Possible end DP 4

1. Imitation Despot Lv. 4. Battle Map : World of Darkness
2. Counterfeit Youth Lv. 1. DP Chance : Critical hit within 10 sec. Reward DP +1. Battle Map : Dreams End
3. Phantasmal Girl Lv. 1. DP Chance : Win within 10 sec. Reward DP +1. Battle Map : Dreams End
4. Ephemeral Vision Lv 4. DP Chance : EX Burst within 10 sec. Reward DP +1. Battle Map : Order's Sanctuary
L. Locked Area. Accessible after you win 1, 2, 3, 4.
G. Gold Lock. ( Battle Piece 4 drop lock )

5. Imaginary Soldier Lv 4. Battle Map : World of Darkness
S. Summonstone : Shiva
C. Treasure Chest : Leather Armor
P. Potion
Boss. Jecht Lv. 6. HP =1671, BRV =147, ATK =22, DEF =18, LUK =13.Battle Map : Lunar Subterrane

Destiny Odyssey II - 3Edit

"The empress of the frozen wastes...Her strength calls forth a new source of courage in the warrior."

Board Dialog

Tidus: So you fought my old man, right? What did you think?
Firion: This may sound odd...but the look in his eyes almost made me forget he was with Chaos.
Tidus: I see...
Firion: Are you alright? You had best stay focused. There are plenty more enemies ahead.
Tidus: Don't worry about me. I'm doing fine. No, great!

[After Unlocking red gate]

Firion: So Tidus, what's YOUR goal in life?
Tidus: Huh?
Firion: A goal to strive for as you go down your own path-you have one, right?
Firion: It was only because you encouraged Cecil that he was able to move forward.
Firion: Are you satisfied with standing still?
Tidus: Firion...

Boss X 1 S
C 5 Start 2 C
E P 4 3
You start with 5 DP. Possible end 5 DP

1. Imitation Despot Lv. 7. DP Chance : Win within 10 sec. Reward DP +1. Battle Map : Dreams End
S. Summonstone : Shiva ( AUTO )
2. Fallacious Tree Lv. 15.DP Chance : Win battle. Reward DP +1. Battle Map : Order's Sanctuary
C. Blue Chest : Scorpion
3. Delusory Warlock Lv. 6. DP Chance : BRV Break within 10 sec. Reward DP +1. Battle Map : World of Darkness (drop lock)
4. Phantasmal Girl Lv. 2. DP Chance : Win without taking damage. Reward DP +1. Battle Map : World of Darkness

P. Potion
E. Ether
5. Transient Lion Lv. 6. Battle Map : Ultimecia's Castle
C. Treasure Chest : 495 Gil
X. Locked Area ( Red Gate ). Accessible after you win battle piece 3
Boss. Ultimecia Lv. 9. HP =1800, BRV =164, ATK =23, DEF =19, LUK =14. Battle Map : World of Darkness

Destiny Odyssey II - 4Edit

"A sweet dream for the wisher, a trial of thorns for the seeker. Not unlike the rose itself..."

Board Dialog

Firion: ( Many people lose their lives in times of war...)
( They may die trying to protect friends, or trying to give strength to others. )
( But in the end, they die. And there are others who lose hope, and grieve...)
Firion: A future where happiness blooms like a wild rose...That's what I'm fighting for!

Start C End
1 6
2 3 X
C 5
4 C
You start with 5 Destiny Points, possible end 5 ~ 7 DP.

1. False Hero Lv. 8. DP Chance: Critical hit within 10 sec. Reward DP +1. Battle Map: The Rift
2. Imitation Despot Lv. 24 ( Rare ). DP Chance: Win battle. Reward DP +2. Battle Map: Order's Sanctuary
3. Counterfeit Youth Lv. 3. DP Chance: Win within 10 sec. Reward DP +1. Battle Map: Order's Sanctuary
4. Imitation Despot Lv. 9. Battle Map: World of Darkness
X. Red Locked Area. Accessible after you win battle piece 1

5. False Stalwart Lv. 3. DP Chance: Win without taking damage. Reward DP +1. Battle Map: Ultimecia's Castle
6. Capricious Reaper Lv. 9. DP Chance: Keep foe from getting EX Cores. Reward DP +1. Battle Map: The Rift
C. Treasure Chest: Kunai
C. Rare Treasure Chest: Rosetta Stone ( 50PP )
C. Rare Treasure Chest: Bergamot

Destiny Odyssey II - 5Edit

"With the dream be left a fantasy! Or a glimmer of hope for the future! Light shined on the determination of the warrior..."

Board Dialog

Firion:Everyone has supported me all this time...I won't keep them waiting any longer! I must succeed!

4 C1 3 P
Boss X2 X1 Start
C3 C2 2 1
You start with 5 DP, possible end 5 ~ 7 DP.

1. Delusory Warlock Lv. 5. DP Chance: Critical hit within 10 sec. Reward: DP +1. Battle Map: Pandaemonium
2. Imaginary Soldier Lv. 10. DP Chance: EX Burst within 10 sec. Reward: DP +1. Battle Map: World of Darkness
X1. Red Locked Area. Accessible after you win battle piece 1
C2. Treasure Chest: Rosetta Stone
3. Fallacious Wanderer Lv. 10. Battle Map: Dream's End
C1. Orange Gem ( 50PP )
4. Capricious Reaper Lv. 11. DP Chance: Win without taking damage. Reward: DP +1. Battle Map: Ultimecia's Castle

X2. Red Locked Area. Accessible after you win battle piece 4
5. False Stalwart Lv. 4. DP Chance: Win within 10 sec. Reward: DP +1. Battle Map: The Rift
6. Imitation Leigeman Lv. 27 (Rare). DP Chance: Win battle. Reward: DP +2. Battle Map: Pandaemonium.
P. Potion ( after you win battle piece 5 )
C3. Rare Treasure Chest: Mythril
Boss. The Emperor Lv. 13. Battle Map: Pandaemonium.Summonstone: Atomos.HP: 2042, BRV: 269, ATK: 31, DEF: 29, LUK: 16

Firion: I must carve my own path! ( after he beat battle piece 4 )

Story Dialog Edit

Narration Edit

Firion, the warrior with mastery over eight kinds of weapons-

His journey began alongside Cloud, Cecil, and Tidus,

yet, the paths to their individual goals

led them to separate and reunite.

Now, Firion and Tidus are at a crossroad

as each continues to search for his journey's end-

Scene 1 Edit

[Firion summons his Wild Rose]

Tidus: What are you doing?

[Rose Vanishes]

Firion: It's the wild rose...

Firion: (Oh yeah. That's right...

Firion: The enemy stole it from me that time...)

Tidus: So, tell me all about the wild rose!

Firion: Break time's over. We should get going soon.

Tidus: Heh. All right, then.


Tidus: Once I deal with my old man and find my crystal,

Tidus: I'll make you tell me

Firion: You're so nosy, Tidus.

Tidus: Firion, what's your goal in life?

Firion: What do you mean?

Tidus: You know, to become the world's best swoardsman!

Tidus: Or, there's a guy you just have to beat!

Tidus: Like Cloud and Cecil, a goal to strive for as you go down your own path.

Tidus: You gotta have one to make it through what we're facing.

Firion: Right now, all I can think of is to end the conflict. no matter what it takes.

Tidus: Ahhh, you're so uptight!

Firion: Something wrong with that?

Tidus: In times like these, you just gotta let yourself go![Runs off]

[Firion follows]

Scene 2 Edit

Warrior of Light: Where did that come from?

Firion: No idea... It was here when I woke up. Cosmos, do you know?

Cosmos: I do not. But I do sense something special about it.

Cosmos: It seems to have come from a distant past...

Firion: Wild rose... Just saying the name gives me a sense of nostalgia...

Scene 3 Edit

Garland: His feelings bloom within him. Was the flower your idea?

Garland: I hope you realize that no amount of trickery will give them more time.

Golbez: The past is past. I need only create a new future.

Garland: Hoping you can save them this time?

Golbez: Hmph...

Scene 4 Edit

Firion: Well, that's that.

Firion: Tidus, where are you?

Jecht: Don't know where he is, but he's fine!

Firion: Hold on. You're Tidus's father, aren't you? What did you do to him?

Jecht: Didn't do a damned thing.

Jecht: I've been told there's no point in me fighting him yet.

Firion: Tidus has been looking forward to settling things with you.

Firion: Don't tell me you ran from the fight.

Jecht: That wasn't funny, kid.

Jecht: Everyone's getting in my way, and it's kinda ticking me off.

Jecht: Think I'll take it out on you!

[They fight]

Jecht: You're not half bad! Come on. We're not done yet!

Firion: I won't fight against you.

Jecht: What? What's the matter?

Firion: I realized something as I fought you.

Firion: The one you really want to fight isn't me. It's Tidus!

Firion: Why use me as a substitute when you know you he's determined to face you?

Jecht: Here's another kid who thinks he knows it all.

Jecht: But you sure know how to hit a guy where it hurts.

Firion: Where are you going?

Jecht: I finally see where I'm supposed to go, thanks to all your meddling.

Jecht: You know, when you're having a bad day, you just gotta let yourself go!

Tidus: Firion! Are you okay?

Firion: I get it now. Like father, like son. What a resemblance.

Scene 5 Edit

Tidus: Sorry for being for selfish, but I gotta do this...

Firion: Don't worry about it. It's the story you have to tell.

Tidus: I'm gonna settle things with my old man.

Firion: Yeah. Now off you go!

Firion: So we go our separate ways.

Emperor: It looks like you are all alone. Have all your friends abandoned you?

Firion: Emperor!

Firion: They have only gone to do what they must.

Emperor: Then do you know what it is that you must do?

Firion: Of course I do! I must bringan end to this conflict!

Emperor: Such a grand statement from a mere cog in the war machine.

Emperor: He's going to end the conflict, so he says.

Ultimecia: Then we should teach him a lesson... on the futility of wishing for an end.

[Ultimecia fights Firion]

Ultimecia: Did I not say it was futile?

Firion: What!?

Ultimecia: You are in the midst of a battle that has been fought between the gods for ages.

Ultimecia: What do you possibly think you could do?

Emperor: How pathetic. I'm afraid your dream of gathering the crystals will never become reality.

Emperor: Even the efforts of your friends will all be for naught.

Firion: I will not let their struggles be wasted.

Firion: I will obtain the crystal, and bring an end to this-

Emperor: Is that truly your will?

Firion: What do you mean?

Emperor: That is why you are weak.

Emperor: You only fight because you are told to. You are nothing but Cosmos's tool.

[Disappears with Ultimecia]

Firion: Am I...just Cosmos's tool?

Scene 6 Edit


Cosmos: Cloud, Cecil, and Tidus have each obtained their crystals.

Firion: They've done it... They've really done it!

Cosmos: Yes. Because they never stopped walking down the paths they chose.

Firion: The paths they chose...

Cosmos: Have you lost yours?

Firion: I...never had a specific objective I could call my own...

Firion: like winning against my father, or fighting alongside my brother.

Firion: I just wanted to bring an end to the conflict.

Firion: It's like the Emperor said. I'm only a tool without a will of my own.

Cosmos: That is untrue. You do have a goal.

Cosmos: A dream that you have kept inside your heart for a long time.

Firion: But my dream is nothing special. It's more like...just a childish dream

Cosmos: Tell me your dream- and the future you wish for in your heart.

Firion: Wild roses... My dream is a world filled with wild roses.

Firion: When the battle is over, I want to fill the world with flowers.

Firion: A world where we can overcome what we have lost, where even the rain and the wind can provide us with stregth...

Cosmos: It's a beautiful dream.

Cosmos: A dream that was born out of none other than you.

Cosmos: If you were a mere tool, you would not have had such a dream.

Firion: Cosmos... You're right. It is my dream. And it's up to me to seize it.

Cosmos: I wish I could have such a dream...


Firion: And you can. I promise.

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