Destiny Odyssey is a series of ten different prequel-style stories in which each of the ten main heroes search for a crystal needed to help fight against Chaos. The stories of Destiny Odyssey are not arranged in chronological order in the game's story selection screen, are all intermingled and often overlap each other, creating a fairly interesting nonlinear narrative that slowly explains what these characters are doing here and what exactly is going on in this strange world.

There are ten different chapters to Destiny Odyssey, each one focusing around the storyline of each Final Fantasy protagonist and his quest to retrieve one of ten crystals as instructed by Cosmos. Each Destiny Odyssey has five stages and at least two bosses, including a final battle with the hero's corresponding villain at the end of the storyline.

Once a single Destiny Odyssey has been completed, you will unlock the Shade Impulse storyline.

An Odyssey will require multiple playthroughs in order to fully master because each player must interact with all battle pieces, all treasure chests (including rare treasure chests), get all items (including Potions and Ethers), all summonstones, and obtain all stage bonuses (including the Rosetta Stone).

List of Destiny OdysseysEdit

  1. Destiny Odyssey I - Follows Warrior of Light's quest, difficulty five stars
  2. Destiny Odyssey II - Follows Firion's quest, difficulty two stars.
  3. Destiny Odyssey III - Follows Onion Knight's quest, difficulty four stars.
  4. Destiny Odyssey IV - Follows Cecil's quest, difficulty one star.
  5. Destiny Odyssey V - Follows Bartz's quest, difficulty four stars.
  6. Destiny Odyssey VI - Follows Terra's quest, difficulty five stars.
  7. Destiny Odyssey VII - Follows Cloud's quest, difficulty one star.
  8. Destiny Odyssey VIII - Follows Squall's quest, difficulty three stars.
  9. Destiny Odyssey IX - Follows Zidane's quest, difficulty three stars.
  10. Destiny Odyssey X - Follows Tidus' quest, difficulty two stars.
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