Chase Mode in action

Certain attacks create such a powerful force that they send the opponent flying away at high speed. In such cases, you'll have the opportunity to press the X button for a second. Doing so allows you to quickly close the distance with a rush, allowing you to then attack the defenseless opponent while they flail through the air.

Attacking Edit

While in Chase Mode, you have a few seconds to decide your action. You can either strike with a Brave or HP attack. Striking the opponent with a Brave attack knocks the enemy away, allowing you to continue Chase Mode. You can also tilt the thumbstick up or down during your strike to adjust the angle of the blow, throwing them higher into the air, or sending them plummeting into the ground. Performing an HP attack causes the background to blacken, and the character then winds up before striking, which can throw off opponents if they are expecting another quick hitting Brave strike.

Defending Edit

However, the opponent is not entirely defenseless when caught in Chase Mode. While the opponent is attacking, you can dodge their strike by pressing X at the right moment, which then turns the tables, allowing you to strike back at your assailant while he must try to dodge your attack. While dodging, you can tilt the thumbstick left or right to change your orientation, possibly setting the enemy up against a wall for crash damage.

Ending Chase Mode Edit

Chase Mode lasts until either fighter lands an HP attack, someone crashes into a wall, ceiling, or floor, or four successive attacks are dodged. You also have the choice to not continue your chase if need be, using the last attack to create a decent distance between you and your opponent.

Trivia Edit

Possibly the best example of Chase Mode's origin is in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's climactic battle between Cloud and Sephiroth. During the first few moments of their clash, Sephiroth throws Cloud away, where Cloud rights himself in the air, only to see Sephiroth quickly rushing up smash him through a building.