Warrior of Light Edit

Final Fantasy I

A legendary warrior blessed by
the light. Bearing sword and
shield, he is skilled in all
aspects of combat.

In the original game, the Warrior
set out to rescue Princess
Sarah of Cornelia, and
ended up saving the world.

His origins, his destination, his
goals and motivations are
unknown-even to him.

Garland Edit

Final Fantasy I

A knight sworn to face the
Warrior of Light. He wields a
powerful, adaptive weapon.

In the original game, he was a
famed knight of Cornelia when
he suddenly went rogue,
kidnapping the princess of
Cornelia and taking her to the
ruins of the Chaos Shrine.

Just before dying, he was
transported 2000 years into the
past, where he robbed the future
of its strength as he survived
in solitude. Chained by time and
growing ever-more hateful, one
can only imagine what sort of
eternity he dreams of...

Firion Edit

Final Fantasy II

A young warrior skilled in many
types of weaponry. He is
hot-blooded, with a strong
sense of duty.

In the original game, his
hometown of Fynn was invaded
by the Empire of Palamecia,
killing his parents and severely wounding him.

Later he joined a resistance
group identifying themselves
by the watchword "Wild Rose."
This reference to his hometown
holds deep meaning for him,
but he is reluctant to speak
it aloud for fear of attracting
imperial soldiers.

The Emperor Edit

Final Fantasy II

A ruthless, single-minded man
with an insatiable lust for

In the original game, he led the
military empire of Palamecia,
bringing country after country
under his heel. With his incredible
sorcery, he was even able to
command demons and the

He will do anything for power-
including selling his soul. His
pride is almost fearsome in its

Onion Knight Edit

Final Fantasy III

A youth bearing the title of
Onion Knight. Intelligent and
mischievous, he unquestionably
believes there's nothing he can't

In to original game, he was an
orphan raised by the Ur village
elder, Topapa. After a sudden
earthquake opened a cavern in
the ground, the boy and his
friends went to investigate
and fell into the Altar Cave.
Eventually they were chosen
as Warriors of the Light by
the Wind Crystal.

Cloud of Darkness Edit

Final Fantasy III

An existence that wishes for all
to return to nothingness. She
has transcended the abstract
and is the embodiment of fear.

In the original game, she had
been defeated by a flood of light
1000 years previous. However,
a flood of darkness created by
Master Xande allowed her to
return. Seeing the imbalances of
light and darkness in the world,
she decided to destroy all

The two tentacles at her right
and left have differing special
abilities. It is rumored their
personalities are different as

Cecil Harvey Edit

Final Fantasy IV

A kind-hearted knight that wields
the accursed power of darkness.

In the original game, he was
Lord Captain of Baron's airship
force, the Red Wings, until
circumstances led to his
dismissal and embarkation on a
journey of self-discovery.
Eventually he was able to
overcome his dark past and
start down the path of

He is gentle and humble towards
everyone, including children such
as Porom and Palom.

Golbez Edit

Final Fantasy IV

A figure clad in armor of deepest
night who walks the path of

In the original game, he
commanded the four elemental
archfiends and took control of
the Red Wings after Cecil's

He resents that evil was able to
cloud his soul, despite being of
the same pure Lunarian blood
as Cecil.

Bartz Klauser Edit

Final Fantasy V

A cheerful man with a strong
sense of justice and the inability
to ignore those in trouble.

In the original game, at his
father's dying wish, he traveled
the world along with his
chocobo, Boko.

Free-spirited and spunky, one
would never know that a
childhood trauma left him with a
paralyzing fear of high places.
For good or ill, this too is part
of his innocent, youthful

Exdeath Edit

Final Fantasy V

A magus of supreme darkness,
born from a great evil sealed
into a tree.

In the original game, his soul was
sealed away by the sage Ghido
and the four Dawn Warriors, but
he was still able to use the
power of darkness to be reborn.

By joining the world's two
dimensions into one, he desired
to gain power of the Void.

Terra Branford Edit

Final Fantasy VI

A pure, innocent girl born with
the power of magic.

In the original game, she was a
soldier for the Gestahlian Empire,
which aimed to take over the
world. In reality, her mind and
actions were controlled by a
hypnotic device. Upon traveling
to the snow-covered mining town
of Narshe, she met a man named
Locke and was stolen away to
the resistance group, the

She has a fondness for moogles
and enjoys fluffing their fur,
especially as she drifts off to

Kefka Palazzo Edit

Final Fantasy VI

A mage who finds no greater joy
than in destruction.

In the original game, he was the
right hand of Emperor Gestahl.
A proven military strategist, he
favored effective, if inhumane,
methods that caused countless
casualties. His pushy methods
left him disliked by anyone
unlucky enough to work under

Infusions of Magitek power have
caused him to lose grip on
sanity. Thirty-five years old,
he is known for his high,
lingering laugh.

Cloud Strife Edit

Final Fantasy VII

An acerbic young swordsman
with glowing eyes who wields a
blade as large as he is.

In the original game, after leaving
the Shinra Company, he started
working as a jack-of-all-trades
in the city of Midgar. After
joining the anti-Shinra group
Avalanche, he became entangled
in a battle for the future of
the planet.

On the surface he looks
disaffected with most
everything, but he is quite a
fan of extreme sports such as
snowboarding, motorcycling,
and chocobo riding.

Sephiroth Edit

Final Fantasy VII

A legendary member of SOLDIER
once revered as a hero.

In the original game, after
learning that he was the product
of genetic experimentation, he
decided he was fated to destroy
the planet-and he had more
than enough power to do so.

During his stint in SOLDIER, he
learned well how to slash
enemies with an impossibly-long
sword. His fighting prowess is
perhaps the only thing he values
from the time he considered
himself to be human.

Squall Leonhart Edit

Final Fantasy VIII

A cold, taciturn youth who wields
a gunblade, a weapon part
sword, part gun.

In the original game, he was
raised as a mercenary at the
Balamb Garden Military Academy,
and belonged to the special
military force, SeeD.

It is arguable whether his
decision to train with the
old-fashioned and notoriously
difficult to master gunblade is
more of a show of strength or of

Ultimecia Edit

Final Fantasy VIII

A powerful sorceress possessing
a deep-seated rage and the
ability to control space and time.

In the original game, she reigned
over the far future. Using
time compression magic, she
aimed to create a world where
the past, present and future
were one, and only she might

Zidane Tribal Edit

Final Fantasy IX

A thief with great energy and a
sharp wit, though all is lost when
it comes to women.

In the original game, he was a
member of Tantalus, a gang of
thieves masquerading as
a traveling theater group. After
kidnapping the beguiling
Princess Garnet, he was drawn
into a conflict that concerned
his very birth.

While usually cheerful and
waggish, he does have bouts of
despair. However, this may be
another part of his charm.

Kuja Edit

Final Fantasy IX

A sadistic, narcissistic silver-
haired man of a delicate,
epicene beauty.

In the original game, he threw the
continent into disarray by
providing black mages, mass-
produced soldiers created from
Mist, to Alexandria's Queen

Born for the stage, he has a
tendency to get carried away
with his own flowery speech.
On the other hand, those who
get on his bad side are treated
with bitter venom.

Tidus Edit

Final Fantasy X

A light-hearted, cheerful youth
able to calm others even through
the most trying of situations.

In the original game, he was an
ace blitzball player for the
Zanarkand Abes.

After an assault from the
monster Sin, he found
himself in a world called Spira
and began traveling with a
summoner, Yuna.

Jecht Edit

Final Fantasy X

A former blitzball star, and
Tidus's father. His surly and
rough-spoken nature belie a
much gentler heart.

In the original game, he
accidentally came into contact
with Sin while training out at
sea-an event which doomed him
for eternity.

Tidus's signature move, the
Jecht Shot, was originally named
the "Sublimely Magnificent
Jecht Shot Mark III." Until Tidus,
no one else could successfully
perform it.

Shantotto Edit

Final Fantasy XI

A war hero with immeasurable
magical power.

Former minster of the Orastery,
then head of the Parliament of
Patriarchs, in the original
game, Shantotto was one of the
top minds in the Federation
of Windurst.

It's said her pride is higher
than the pinnacles of the
Gustaberg range, and her
temper hotter than the magma
flowing forth from the mighty
Mount Yuhtunga. Her age is
unknown, and having thus far
neglected to marry seems to
be her only regret in life.

Gabranth Edit

Final Fantasy XII

A warrior who swears his life to
those he trusts.

In the original game, he served
as a Judge Magister of the
Archadian Empire.

Despite being non-native to the
Empire, he advanced to the
position of Judge at an
impressive speed. However, his
heart was filled with regret from
being unable to protect his home
country, and he despised his
older brother Basch for
abandoning him and their mother.

Cosmos Edit

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Goddess of harmony.

For eons, she has struggled
against the god of discord,
Chaose. In order to protect the
ten warriors from his immense
power, she chose to sacrifice
herself and is being absorbed
by the power of discord.

Despite her waning strength,
she holds the world together
on her own, continuing to
believe in the ten warriors.

Chaos Edit

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

God of discord.

Taking the world's subjugation
as his given duty, he has fought
unyieldingly for ages to defeat
the goddess of harmony,

Why does he fight? What does
he wish to gain? Perhaps the
answer to that can only be found
when all conflict ends.