Bravery represents the attack power of the character's attacks, specifically, HP Attacks. Bravery is built up by executing Brave Attacks which target the opponent's Brave. The target's lost Brave is transferred to the attacker's current Bravery. No true damage is dealt unless executing an HP attack, thus, the combatants can indefinitely attack each other until so. By connecting with an HP attack, the target will receive HP damage proportionate to the attacker's current Bravery. A moment later, the attacker's Bravery will reset but slowly rise back up to its default base count. During this time, every attack deals Critical damage. The more HP damage dealt, the longer it takes for it to recharge and the less, the faster. If a character's Bravery hits below 0 from an attack, they enter Break Mode whilst the one who inflicted Break receives the sum total of Brave Points from the Stage Bravery as a bonus. During Break Mode, the victim's attack are completely ineffective. Neither HP nor Brave attacks will do any damage whatsoever. This can be remedied by connecting with an HP attack which will instantly remove Break.

Stage BraveryEdit

Once a character inflicts Break on the opponent, the character receives the accumalated Bravery in the 'Brave Pool'. The amount tends to vary between stages. In normal stages, they come in random, large, but unchanging quantities. In the Omega stages however, it is directly influenced by certain criteria, changes in the arena or stage hazards.

Banish TrapEdit

Some arenas in the game contains bottomless pits that characters can fall into. These Banish Traps, will suck them into a vortex-like energy that although, stops their fall, will begin to sap away at their Bravery. If they stay in too long, they are randomly teleported to the nearest ground, but will lose a good portion of their Bravery in the process.