Battle Pieces (Referred to by the characters in-game as Imitations イミテーション in the Japanese and Manikins in the English version) are non-player characters appear exclusively in Story Mode. In game, they appear as crystalline facsimiles of the playable characters, typically weaker than their original counterparts.


Manikins were originally created by Cid to draw in warriors from other worlds. Deemded failures, they were sent into the Dimensional Rift where the warlock ExDeath would later gain control of through his mastery of the Void and used as pawns of Chaos.

Appearance and abilitiesEdit

Manikins take on the form of monochrome-colored crystalline versions of the characters with distorted voices. Their colors are reflective of their counterparts such as Tidus' Manikin being orange or Emperor's being yellow. In Destiny Odyssey, the majority of the Manikins have inaccessible but incredibly weak equipment, using rusted, charred and cracked pieces, though some may have booster accessories. In Shade Impulse and Distant Glory however, the Manikins have typical boss-like properties. They have an EX-Mode known as Powered Up though they are only granted the basic EX Mode bonuses of Regen and Critical Hit Rate increase and have no access to EX Burst. In Dissidia NT, the Manakins are no longer crystalline in appearance and simply appear as semi-transparent, monochrome versions of their original counterparts and sporting a metallic echo in their voice. They also possess their counterparts' entire moveset.


  • Normal: Typical drones. No accessories and can be done away with one or two HP attacks. They appear as gray helmets on the board
  • Hard: Similar to the Normal pieces. However, they are filled to the rim with booster accessories, often time-relation ones. Same appearance as Normal pieces but with a pair of swords cross behind it
  • Strange: Represented as gold helmets with a slightly distorted appearance. Their HP is always at critical but have stronger stats and are highly evasive in nature. Some typically carry a Last/Second Chance accessory.
  • Expert: Represented as well armored brown pieces. They have stats that often equal or exceed the Chaos Pieces.
  • Chaos: Represented by the Chaos insignia. They serve as the bosses. Defeating them usually marks the end of the level. There is a Cosmos counterpart for the hero bosses as well.
  • Stigma of Chaos: Red and black Chaos insignia. Approaching this piece automatically ends the level.
  • Ultimate: Similar to the Expert pieces but with swords in place of the brown plating. These pieces far exceed the Chaos Pieces in every aspect.


Each of the Manikins are given a name associated with their original counterparts. A prefix synonymous to a fake is also added before them as well. In Dissidia NT, the Manikins were all renamed, save for Warrior of Light's

List of Battle Pieces:
  • False Hero - Warrior of Light - Blue
  • Imitation Liegeman/Simulacrum of a Believer - Firion - Hot pink
  • Counterfeit Youth/Illusory Youth - Onion Knight - Emerald
  • Delusory Knight/Flickering Knight - Cecil - Dark blue (Dark Knight) and silver (Paladin)
  • Fallacious Wanderer/Echo of a Wanderer - Bartz - Cyan
  • Phantasmal Girl - Terra - Red
  • Imaginary Soldier/Ethereal Mercenary - Cloud - Light blue
  • Transient Lion/Otherworldly Lion - Squall - Purple
  • Capricious Thief - Zidane - Royal blue
  • Ephemeral Vision - Tidus - Orange
  • Lady of Antiquity/Matron of Antiquity - Shantotto - Brown
  • Mirage of a Conjurer - Y'shtola - Green
  • Twilight Prince - Noctis Lucis Caelum - Slate

  • False Stalwart - Garland - Blue
  • Imitation Despot/Simulacrum of a Tyrant - The Emperor - Yellow
  • Counterfeit Wraith/Illusory Apparition - Cloud of Darkness - Green
  • Delusory Warlock/Flickering Warlock - Golbez - Silver/black
  • Fallacious Tree - Exdeath - Green w/ blue tint
  • Phantasmal Harlequin/Fey Madcap - Kefka - Crimson
  • Imaginary Champion - Sephiroth - Cyan
  • Transient Witch - Ultimecia - Purple
  • Capricious Reaper - Kuja - Violet
  • Ephemeral Phantom - Jecht - Orange
  • Warrior of Antiquity - Gabranth - Gold

  • Delusory Dragoon - Kain - Black/silver
  • Fallacious Giant - Gilgamesh - Cyan
  • Imaginary Brawler - Tifa - Light blue
  • Transient Gunner - Laguna - Violet
  • Ephemeral Summoner - Yuna - Orange
  • Horror of Antiquity - Prishe - Beige
  • Idle Sky Pirate - Vaan - Gold
  • Fleeting Flash - Lightning - Pink