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Axe is a weapon that can be equipped by Warrior of Light, Garland, Firion, Cecil Harvey, Golbez, Bartz Klauser, and Jecht. Other characters can only use an Axe if they trade Marksman Lore and pay 1000 gil to the Shop to learn Equip Axes, and equip it.

Axes specialize in adding Wall Rush HP Damage, changing the percentage done from 5% upwards to 30%. The downside of Axes is the DEF-2.

The Japanese letter to recognize an Axe is .

Axes (斧)
Japanese Name English Name Ability Level Obtained Price / Materials Bonus Notes
アクス Axe ATK+6


1 Shop 1,000 gil

スラッシャー Slasher ATK+6


1 Trade Axe (アクス) ×1

Protect Shard (守りの破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×2

1,000 gil

Wall Rush HP Damage+5%

ライトアクス Light Axe ATK+11


8 Shop 2,000 gil

バトルアクス Battle Axe ATK+15


15 Shop 3,700 gil

トマホーク Tomahawk ATK+15


15 Trade

5 DP Bonus (DO-I)

Axe (アクス) ×1

Protect Shard (守りの破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×4

3,700 gil

Wall Rush HP Damage+5%

ミスリルアクス Mythril Axe ATK+20


22 Trade Light Axe (ライトアクス) ×1

Mythril (ミスリル) ×2

6,050 gil

Mystic Mythril (1/3)

ドワーフの斧 Dwarven Axe ATK+20


22 Trade

6 DP Bonus (DO-I)

Light Axe (ライトアクス) ×1

Strength Shard (力の破片) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×8

6,050 gil

Wall Rush HP Damage+5%

ミスリルアクス+ Mythril Axe + ATK+20


8 Trade Mythril Axe (ミスリルアクス) ×1

Rosemary (ローズマリー) ×1

Transmogridust (変化の粉) ×2

6,050 gil

Mystic Mythril (1/3)

デスシックル Death Sickle ATK+29


36 Trade Slasher (スラッシャー) ×1

Unknown's Bone (正体不明の骨) ×1

10,750 gil

Wall Rush HP Damage+5%

フランシスカ Francisca ATK+33


43 Shop 13,100 gil

ルーンアクス Rune Axe ATK+42


57 Trade Tomahawk (トマホーク) ×1

Ancient Bone (盤古の骨) ×1

Nue Bone (ヌエの骨) ×2

17,810 gil

Wall Rush HP Damage+10%

巨人の斧 Giant's Axe ATK+60


85 Trade Dwarven Axe (ドワーフの斧) ×1

Saint's Bone (聖者の骨) ×4

Cyan Gem (シアンジェム) ×1

27,220 gil

Wall Rush HP Damage+20%

Pride of the Titans (1/3)

Cyan Gem is obtained through Friend cards.

アースブレイカー Earthbreaker ATK+69


99 Trade Giant's Axe (巨人の斧) ×1

Hero's Bone (英雄の骨) ×5

31,920 gil

Wall Rush HP Damage+30%
Lufenian Axe ATK+69


99+ Duel Colosseum Wisdom of Lufenia(1/3) Blackjack Course

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